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Curating a workplace that inspires all of us

August 3, 2021

While there are numerous ways to improve the appearance of an office environment, the workspace needs to assess the factors that are unique to the people and the range of different types of work being done. WeWork does a great job in curating the experience in their offices and has been so successful that they recently became the largest landlord in Manhattan. WeWork starts by reflecting on the neighborhoods in which they operate. They understand many of their tenants reside close by and appreciate the artwork from local artists and the decor that blends into the city the space inhabits. We Work continues their space curation investing in understanding the types of people and businesses working in their space and designing the layout to cater to that crowd.IT Outsourcing Services Bangalore,

WeWork attracts young creatives. As a result, the floor plans are airy and open with exposed beam ceilings, lots of glass and modern fixtures and colors. All of these design choices appeal to the majority of the professional Millennials that are flocking to these shared workspaces. Most importantly though, the spaces buzz with energy which illustrates WeWork’s strongest curation proficiency: experiences.IT Outsourcing Services Bangalore, While the right throw pillows and exposed brick can liven up a space, it’s the variety and velocity of events that happen within the four walls of each WeWork outpost that are a vital component of the physical environment.IT Outsourcing Services Bangalore,IT Resource Outsourcing Company Bangalore

Every WeWork office employs a “community manager” dedicated to organizing these experiences. Ranging from book clubs to yoga classes, cocktailing to personal financial planning, lunch and learns to holiday parties, all of the various events and activities encourage interaction and connection. Modern offices continue to become more and more casual, bringing the distance between “work” and “life” closer together. Employees want a live-work-play environment feeling within their workspace and WeWork delivers on this demand. IT Outsourcing Services Bangalore,

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