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We're not just consultants, we actively approach clients, we get our hands dirty creating the sales process, recruiting, onboarding and training plans. With a hand in all aspects of the plan. If you need a specialized sales team, Namsbel will adapt a tailor-made solution for you and fulfil this need very efficiently.

We Aim Above The Mark To Hit The Mark







We at Namsbel believe, you should be different, so you can be better. We create a better solution to your problem, generate better results. We provide perspective, data, imagination and technical expertise. Everything you need to launch, grow or reinvent your brand across all touchpoints in today's multi-channel world - under one roof. If you are a national brand or hope to become one, let Namsbel be your guide through the new landscape.

Finding the right people to fit in to your contingent workforce is very challenging with rapidly changing industry trends and with more jobs sprouting in the market with every passing day. We at Namsbel leverage our industry expertise in delivering cutting-edge staffing services and staff management to some of the most renowned brands across industry sectors and geographies since 2017. Our processes are supple and people-friendly, and with a various channel sourcing approach, we find the talent you seek faster without comprising the quality of hire

Namsbel offers a consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions. Aditionally, solving manpower needs alone is not going to cut it, since having a contingent workforce also pose challenges and risks associated with finance, compliance and legal, IT and HR, all of which must be carefully managed. This is where we come in.

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