Data Service

Data is the New Oil and its Invaluable when Refined.


Collect and consolidate data from multiple systems including social media to Cleanse, Transform and Integrate data.


Atomic data is summarised and observed to provide Statistical Analysis.


Make data sense by identifying or discovering trends and patterns inherent in data.

Key benefit

Increase in Revenue Stream
Enhanced Customer Experience Management
Better Equipment Maintenance

Migration From

  • On-premise On-premise
  • Cloud to Cloud
  • Cloud to On-premise
  • On-premise Cloud

We are Proficient in

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality

We Provide Architecture Digitization


METS (Metdata Extraction and Tagging Services)for a large US Oil and Gas client

Team size : 100+ ppl

A large set of design documents of plants and machineries are scanned and OCR processed. The metadata is extracted and tagged to provide a consistent way to describe digital assets.

Value addition : These tags allow searchers to quickly identify digital assets that meet particular search criteria by supporting granular descriptions.

Credit Card Transformation and Migration for a large Australian Bank

Team size : 35+ ppl

Complex data migration from legacy to Oracle ERP platform. Drafted the migration strategy and delivered a servicing platform, with market-leading functionalities

Value addition : Instant decision making and credit capabilities with risk review

Incorporation of New Payments platform (NPP) for a large Australian Bank

Team size : 40+ ppl

Analysed and drafted IS strategy in line with the global payments roadmap and implemented projects on SWIFT and payments.

Value addition : Provide superior customer engagement through digital solutions and fast decisions

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